Trading: „The Three Skills of Top Trading“


Im Blog von Steve Burns bin ich auf den Artikel aufmerksam geworden: „The Three Skills of Top Trading„. Er rezensiert das gleichnamige Buch von Hank Pruden, listet aber auch 10 Aufgaben von Top-Tradern auf. Diese sind ähnlich den Feldern, für die ich mich interessiere und ständig an ihnen arbeite:

The Ten Tasks of Top Traders: 

  1. Daily self analysisSuccessful trading is 40% risk control and 60% self-control.
  2. Daily mental rehearsalPractice being disciplined in your mind before you trade daily.
  3. Developing a low risk ideaTrade with the odds on your side with a defined risk.
  4. StalkingWait for the entry. Utilize patience and don’t pull the trigger to soon.
  5. ActionTake the entry when the signal is hit. Do not freeze up. Be definitive.
  6. MonitoringKeep an eye on what is happening with your position.
  7. AbortBe ready to cut your losses, when you are wrong and hit your stop loss.
  8. Take profits: Use trailing stop or profit target when one is hit. Allow the market to take you out.
  9. Daily briefingThink through your trading & what you did right/wrong based on your trading plan.
  10. Periodic reviewIs your trading working? Do adjustments need to be made?

(Entnommen aus The Three Skills of Top Trading von Steve Burns)


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