Vorhersage vs. Spekulation


Im Blog von Ivanhoff Capital gibt es einen spannenden Artikel über das Thema Vorhersage vs. Spekulation. Hier ein Auszug, wo die Unterschiede zwischen diesen beiden liegen:

„Predicting and speculating have a lot in common, but they are also very different. By definition, predictions are about dealing with factors, you have no control over. When you speculate in the stock market, you also don’t have control over which one of your trades will be profitable and for the most part how profitable it will be. You could improve the odds, but you can’t impact the outcome of each individual trade. When you speculate, you put your own money at risk. You could be right for the wrong reasons and make money (lucky). You could also be wrong despite having an edge and still lose money (no approach has 100% success rate).“

Den ganzen Artikel könnt ihr hier lesen: The True Nature Of Predicting

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